Getting to Know Military Caregivers and Their Needs

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A military caregiver is a family member, friend, or acquaintance who provides care and assistance for, or who manages the care of, a current or former military service member. They help with a wide range of both physical and mental illnesses and injuries.

Other civilian caregivers are better understood: Individuals caring for the elderly, for example, have been widely studied. But there are unique circumstances surrounding military caregivers, particularly those caring for younger individuals who served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

To better understand the needs of this population, RAND researchers conducted the most comprehensive study to date of America’s military caregivers and the support available to them.

“[These military] caregivers provide an estimated $3 billion in care annually, saving the United States substantial sums in avoided long-term care costs.”

Project Description

The study, commissioned by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, was the first national, comprehensive study of military caregivers in the United States. It aimed to understand the magnitude of military caregiving; define existing policies, programs, and initiatives for caregivers; and make recommendations to better address their needs.

To answer these questions, the research team completed

  • the largest and most comprehensive survey of military caregiving ever conducted
  • an environmental scan to assess caregiver services and identify gaps.

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