17 Memes You Might Relate to If Mental Illness Makes You Impulsive

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When you hear the phrase, “impulsive behavior,” you might think of someone who drastically changes their hairstyle, goes on a shopping spree, gambles or suddenly quits a job. Most people have struggled with impulsive behavior at some point in their lives, but when you live with a mental illness that makes you feel impulsive, it can sometimes be harder to control.

Although impulsive behavior can be common in conditions like borderline personality disorder (BPD) and bipolar disorder, it can show up in almost any mental illness. If your impulsive behavior is related to your mental illness, you’re not alone.

It’s worth noting that acting impulsively is not always a negative thing. Some impulsive behavior that can have a positive effect include spontaneously helping others or telling a crush you like them. It’s when impulsive behavior impacts your quality of life that it can become a problem.

To help you cope — especially if humor is your “go-to” — we decided to round up memes that might make you laugh if mental illness makes you impulsive. We hope these memes make you laugh and bring you comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in dealing with impulsive behaviors.

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