Behind the Book with Ability360 | S1E1: A Piece of History – Being Heumann

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Judith Huemann and Kristen Joiner explore why they decided to write this memoir, how they worked together and what they hope readers take from the book.

Special guest appearance from Stuart James, the Executive Director of the CIL, on his role in this process.

This multi-part video series will explore the history, themes, and lessons within “Being Heumann: An Unrepentant Memoir of a Disability Rights Activist” by Judith Heumann and Kristen Joiner. Each episode in this series will explore a different topic from the memoir including the 504 Sit-In, activism today and the issue of ableism. Throughout the series you will hear from the co-authors as well as various members of the disability rights community based throughout the U.S.

Behind the Book is produced by LivAbility Media, a program of Ability360 in Phoenix, Arizona. Each episode was produced from a pre-recorded Zoom interview with the co-authors. Episodes will be available to view on this site as well as on Ability360 social media platforms. Join us for this exclusive conversation with a pioneer in disability rights activism. To learn more about Judy Heumann and her activism, visit….

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