Rubber Bullets Kill and Disable People, Research Shows

By Robert Roy Britt: For More Info, Go Here…

Rubber bullets aren’t always rubber.

They are sometimes coated with plastic, they often have a metal core, or are made of a mix of metals and other materials. In fact, there’s very little information on what the various types are made of and how they perform when shot. But it is known that these kinetic impact projectiles (KIPs), as they’re called, are not as accurate as regular bullets. And they are not harmless.

“These projectiles have caused significant morbidity and mortality during the past 27 years, much of it from penetrative injuries and head, neck and torso trauma,” researchers concluded in a 2017 report in the British medical journal BMJ Open, based on a review of studies on the topic done between 1990 and mid-2017. “Given their inherent inaccuracy, potential for misuse and associated health consequences of severe injury, disability and death, KIPs do not appear to be appropriate weapons for use in crowd-control settings.”

The research found that 3% of people hit by rubber bullets had died from their injuries. In 56% of those cases, the bullets had penetrated their bodies; 23% were due to blunt injuries. Strikes to the head and neck proved the most deadly, followed by the chest and abdomen. Also, 15% of those who survived being hit by rubber bullets had permanent disabilities, from amputations to the need for removal of their spleen or colostomies, and loss of vision.

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