COVID-19 overtakes California’s federal prisons, infecting 1,534 prisoners, killing 31

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Facing indifference from Gov. Newsom, advocates race against time to save the lives of incarcerated people in California state prisons.

Newsweek reports that more than a third of federally incarcerated people with coronavirus are now in one institution, Terminal Island Prison in Southern California.

The Federal Board of Prisons (BOP) recorded a staggering 900 percent increase in coronaviruses cases this week. Criminal justice advocates have pummeled state authorities with unprecedented campaigns for mass releases since early March, warning that California’s state prison system and any adjacent communities are only weeks away from widespread, deadly COVID-19 outbreaks if urgent action is not taken to reduce prison populations.

“Gov.Newsom has done virtually nothing to protect the 118,000 people serving sentences in California prisons and the 37,000 people who work there,” said Amber-Rose Howard, executive director of Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB), a grassroots coalition of more than 80 organizations demanding the release of incarcerated people from prisons, jails and detention centers in the interest of public health.

“It’s shocking to watch this preventable tragedy unfold,” said Ms. Howard. “By not authorizing vast clemencies and releases, our governor is allowing Californians to face the deepest devastation during this pandemic. The right thing to do is so clear.”

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