Accessibility must be part of your COVID-19 response

by Sharron Rush: For More Info, Go Here…

undreds of millions of people have transitioned to conducting their lives through remote digital systems. The need for accessibility has never been greater and our responsibility to provide equal access has never been more clear.

We work, learn, and teach on the Internet. We rely on the web to shop for groceries and other essentials and to participate in social, civic, and cultural events. As institutions scramble to create policy and process around remote participation for workers and students. the needs of those with disabilities are too often being ignored.

With so much at stake, this cannot continue. At-risk people with disabilities – from K-12 students to working adults and vulnerable seniors – are increasingly isolated from people, services, social support, and health information they critically need. Here is a brief look at the associated risks for people with disabilities of all ages and different needs. Some suggestions are included about what you can do to mitigate that risk and provide equal access to all your stakeholders.

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