Deeper Stimulus Payment Info

From Robert Sheehan (CMHAM):

Below is a recent notice from a tax information and advocacy group related to the receipt, by SSI and SSDI recipients, of the federal economic stimulus payments.

As you work with your stakeholders that support persons served and under-served communities, you may find these two resources helpful. Links are at the end of this email. The IRS has just compiled them, and continues to add to them as questions arise.

The news of the day is that there is a critical time element for one particular community. The IRS is requesting your help in reaching adults who receive Social Security benefits, including disability, who are non-filers and also are entitled to the $500-per-child economic stimulus payment. The IRS will be sending them the $1,200 payment in a few days, to the bank account used to deposit the SS benefits. However, because these parents and guardians are not required to file an income tax return, the IRS is not aware that these individuals support children and are entitled to the $500 credit.

To receive that $500 per child payment immediately, rather than much later, those individuals need to input their bank account or reloadable debit card information into the new IRS tool.

Start with this site:

Economic Impact Payment FAQs

Get My Payment FAQs

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