Preparing Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities for Medical Treatment at Hospitals

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With a strong research focus on reducing healthcare barriers for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD), I wanted to help our friends, family members and clients receive quality medical treatment regarding COVID-19 symptoms, should this become necessary.

Most hospitals are not allowing staff or loved ones to accompany patients for treatment. After learning of incidents of inferior treatment for individuals with IDD in New York hospitals, I created the COVID-19 Disability Form  which has been reviewed by ER physicians, families of individuals with IDD and adults with IDD.

At the request of disability agencies nationwide, the form was amended for each state governmental agency’s Developmental Disabilities Services and the state’s equivalent of the MOLST/POLST. The goal is for the form to be completed proactively prior to seeking medical attention for COVID-19 symptoms at a hospital.

Having this form, and the accompanying documents noted on page 2 of the form, will help to alert ER staff to the preferred communication with the patient with IDD and his/her needs and wishes.  My hope is that everyone completes this form and never needs to use it.

If you share, post or cite this form, please use the reference Ballan, M. & Perri, C. (2020). COVID-19 Disability Form. Stony Brook, NY: NY.  If you have questions, please contact Michelle Ballan, PhD at Or go to Dr. Ballan’s Faculty Profile

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