Fabricating Face Shields – Yes You Can!

by Eliza J. Anderson: For More Info, Go Here…

For adequate protection from hands and airborne novel coronavirus particles, hospital workers and others providing direct care are donning plastic face shields in addition to masks. This element of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is in short supply and, as with cloth masks, various “maker recipes” are emerging.

Naturally, our State AT Program network is getting in on the action. Below are instructions from the New Hampshire AT Program (ATinNH) and the Utah AT Program (UATP). Each takes a different approach to solving the challenge of mass-producing face shields. If you want to help and are tired of sewing cloth face masks, consider this new way to contribute much-needed PPE.

Therese Willkomm, Ph.D., is director of ATinNH and a master maker of assistive technology for individuals with disabilities. Her solutions always strive to be three things:  affordable, customizable and “just-in-time.” Creating and propagating an effective face shield fits in her wheelhouse. This shield, she says, is a good deterrent from bringing hands to face, one way the new coronavirus is known to spread.

Here’s what you need:

To assemble:

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