Detroit hospital warns some coronavirus patients may not get ventilators

By Robin Erb, Kelly House: For More Info, Go Here…

Editor’s note: This story was updated on March 27 to make it clear the letter is a draft and was not sent to families or patients. An email newsletter to subscribers from Bridge incorrectly stated the letter was distributed to them.

A draft of policy at Henry Ford Health System suggests the worst of COVID-19 is yet to come — and doctors will have to ration life-saving care and decide who is sick enough to receive a ventilator.

“Some patients will be extremely sick and very unlikely to survive their illness even with critical treatment,” reads the document, which circulated on social media Thursday.

“Treating these patients would take away resources for patients who might survive,” it continued.

The document, which was addressed to patients and their families but not sent to them, instructed providers that some patients, such as those with severe heart, lung, kidney and liver failure, terminal cancers or severe brain trauma and burns may not be eligible for ventilator or intensive care, but “will receive treatment for pain control and comfort measures.”

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