People With Disabilities Say Rationing Care Policies Violate Civil Rights

By JOSEPH SHAPIRO: For More Info, Go Here…

People with disabilities are asking the federal government to stop what they say are policies by states and hospitals that will ration care — and deny them treatment for the coronavirus.

On Monday, several disability groups filed a complaint against the state of Washington, one of the states hardest hit by the pandemic.

The Washington State Department of Health issued guidelines to help doctors and hospitals decide something they fear having to face — deciding who gets scarce, life-saving care. One example: If there are, say, more people who need ventilators than the number of ventilators available.

The complaint says they tell doctors to give those ventilators — and other care — to younger and healthier people.

Among the groups making the complaint are Disability Rights Washington, Self-Advocates in Leadership, The Arc of the United States and two individual complainants.

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