Legal Assistance for Older Americans & COVID-19

From The National Center on Law and Elder Rights: For More Info, Go Here…

Legal assistance providers play an important role in securing and protecting life essentials for older adults, such as access to appropriate housing, income, health care, and protection from abuse. Legal assistance is essential to empower older adults and promote their rights.

In health emergency situations, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, legal assistance advocates value the rights and needs of older clients and those who need legal assistance, and at the same time need to attend to their clients’ health and safety, as well as their own health and safety. This means that careful thought must be given to the delivery of legal services, which may need to evolve to minimize risk to both legal assistance staff and their clients, while balancing the ongoing legal needs of the community.

Older adults and people of all ages with compromised immune systems are particularly at-risk if exposed to COVID-19, and this resource will offer steps that can reduce
health risks while continuing to provide essential legal help.

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