Chronic Illness & Guilt

By Jo Moss: For More Info, Go Here…

“Please, thank you & sorry, are the most frequently used words in my vocabulary”

One of the things that chronic illness is really good at is creating lots of guilt. There is no reason why we should have to feel guilty for an illness that is out of our control; but it’s so easy for those nagging thoughts of ‘being a burden’ or ‘not achieving enough’ to creep in.

Guilt can make us feel worthless, inadequate, insignificant, and invaluable.

We may feel guilty for various reasons. We feel we’re a physical burden, we feel we’re a financial burden, guilt for cancelling plans or for needing to take time out, or just because we need to ask for help.

Please remember, this is not your fault, you have a chronic illness that you didn’t cause and have little control over, you have nothing to feel guilty for.

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