Dan Gilbert is Back In First Interview Since Last Year’s Stroke

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ngd- How do you pay for neural rehab if you aren’t a billionaire???

“This is a very humbled man who has kind of come back down to Earth here,” says Chad Livengood of Crain’s Detroit Business, who recently spoke with Gilbert.

It’s been nine months since billionaire businessman Dan Gilbert suffered a stroke. The Quicken Loans and Rock Ventures co-founder has kept very private since then, focusing on his recovery. But now, he’s ready to start speaking publicly again.

Crain’s Detroit Business Senior Editor Chad Livengood got the chance to sit down with Gilbert for his first interview since his stroke last year.

If you have a stroke, when you’re done, here’s the problem with it: Everything is hard. Everything,” Gilbert tells Livengood. ”Like you wake up, getting out of bed is hard, going to the bathroom is hard, sitting down eating at a table is hard. You name it. You don’t get a break. You’re like trapped in your own body.”


On the night he suffered the stroke

I happen to be with the ER doctor from Beaumont. Him and his wife were at our place along with a few other people. And my wife was there. I told them, I’m not going anywhere, but they insisted I go to Beaumont. So they basically saved my life — this guy and my wife — because if I didn’t go, it would have been a problem.”

On having the financial resources in navigating healthcare

I have the fortunate situation of having resources. I start thinking about, imagine people who just don’t have any of these resources? What do they do? I mean, insurance does not usually cover most of the rehab from a stroke. Maybe some of it, but not most of it.”

On healthcare professionals helping him through recovery

The hardest working people in the world are these nurses and nurse assistants. I have no idea what they get paid, but I’m certain they’re underpaid — because you can’t pay them enough. They’re just incredible people. I mean, none of us would do for 20 minutes what they do nine hours a day every day of the week.”

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