Communications Toolkit: Defending Against Block Grants and Other Cuts to Medicaid.

From Community Catalyst – January 2020: For More Info, Go Here…


In 2017, Republicans in DC tried and failed to cut Medicaid and the ACA — which would have cost 20 million people their health insurance.

Now, Republicans at the state level are pursuing the same damaging proposals that Americans rejected two years ago. As a group of states, with the encouragement of CMS, have begun formulating proposals to adopt a Medicaid block grant or per capita cap, we have created communications materials to assist in your efforts to defend against these threats.

This toolkit includes research-based materials to help your advocacy at the federal and state levels. We hope these resources will be helpful in your ongoing work to protect Medicaid, keep it strong, and ensure that everyone who needs it can get the health coverage they deserve.

Thank you for being a part of the fight.

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