The Thoughtful Vegetable: Rewiring Is a Thing Now

By Angela Ronson: For More Info, Go Here…

Rewiring is a thing now. Medicine, don’t hide it!
I keep saying my case is weird. My body is still in a coma n my head is awake.” I put this on a social network when I became Medicaid Waiver. Medicaid Waiver is a program set aside for the very ill. It is designed to keep a person in the community and out of the hospital.
People don’t think of me as being ill. I don’t have a head cold. I have a g-tube, or it is also called a feeding tube. The device isn’t so scary to the community anymore, but it is serious. It is pretty much an IV that delivers its contents to the stomach and not the bloodstream.
” Angela Ronson your body is not in a coma. Neither is your brain,” Trudy Martinez. She is an Occupational Therapist.

“I would say that, technically, at this time you are a traumatic brain injury (TBI) with residual quadriparesis,
” Trudy Martinez.
I’ve been hearing for years that a person continues to make progress after a brain injury, but no one has outright said that my diagnosis was “residual.” THAT fits. I was thinking about making up the word “de-paralyzing,” because my body is becoming less paralyzed.
“Angela Ronson – I was told in rehab that recovery shouldn’t be looked upon as a final destination, as recovery is ongoing and lifelong. It is a journey, and that medicine, as a whole, tends to look at everything as a finality (here anyway). The words ‘cure’ and ‘heal’ are never used in that facility because they do not mean the same thing in a brain injury standpoint; so I don’t use them,” Lisa Rice
It comes down to ‘why so long?’ You will find that there were small progressive steps along the way. I believe the progression coincides with the growth of small nodules discovered years earlier.
I’ve said it before. I’ve quoted this.

Their quantification of white matter reorganization shows long-distance rewiring in posterior medial cortices, possibly reflecting axonal sprouting or neurite outgrowth, maybe even related to neurogenesis ” happens to be Steven Laureys describing a man who was MCS, but started talking nearly 20 years later. What he is saying is that tiny nerve fibers grew and rewired. This is most likely going on with me.

RESIDUAL QUADRIPARESIS- I like that word, “residual.” It goes with rewiring and explains slow gradual growth.

The concept of rewiring, neuroplasticity, is so common now. I don’t think it is accepted yet.

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