Neurological consequences of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy among NFL players

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The research I’m conducting is to inform everyone of the dangers of the Neurological consequences of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) among NFL players. This topic hasn’t been addressed enough by researchers and the continual blows to the head are still happening. The consequences of CTE are growing and the effects on athlete’s lives are expanding and becoming extremely unhealthy.

Four Stages of CTE and Reasons for Death

The first stage of CTE are headaches, loss of attention and concentration. The second stage is seeing mood swings or depressive behaviors. Being aggressive or exploding about things and short term memory loss. Also, stage 2 holds the chance of suicidal thoughts or actions. In stage 3, you have memory loss, the progression of depression, attention and concentration loss. Stage three is classified as cognitively impaired. In the last stage, stage 4, you are executively dysfunctional and severe memory loss almost like dementia. There’s also difficulty with language, aggressive tendencies, and paranoia(Ortiz, 2017).

The main reasons for death are respiratory failure, heart disease, suicide, overdose, and extensive degrees of dementia. The reasons for death due to suicide or overdose are due to the advancement of depression and suicidal thoughts through the stages of CTE. In the fourth stage, depressive behaviors and suicidal thoughts get very advanced causing these types of deaths.

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