5 Traits Frailty Syndrome

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I’m falling into disrepair.

~Anne Tyler

The Frailty Syndrome: 5 Traits

  1. Weight Loss > 10 lbs over a year
  2. Frequent Exhaustion
  3. Lower Levels of Activity
  4. Slow Gait
  5. Poor Grip Strength

Source: Dr. Linda Fried, Johns Hopkins 

Fundamental Problems with Frailty

~It’s Age-Related 4 out of 10 ‘Frail’ are > 85 yrs. old

~Lack of a “physiological safety net” to bounce back from infections and injuries

~Medical System is not equipped well to deal with frailty; system design is Reactive

~Loved ones become Collateral damage and get pulled down by the frail elder

Good News: Frailty is not necessarily a given with old age!

Practical Suggestions to Combat Frailty:

  1. Cultivate Psychological Resilience (“Self-efficacy”)
  2. Find A Purpose (meaning making)
  3. Simple basic good nutrition and adequate sleep
  4. Body Movement i.e. Feldenkrais Method(Awareness Through Body Movement)
  5. Exercise(affiliate)for Older Adults
  6. Build Social Capital by Nurturing Community

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