Why You Should Rethink Alcohol in Moderation

By Ayala Laufer-Cahana M.D.: For More Info, Go Here…

Many health conscious people believe that drinking in moderation is good for you.

I, like most doctors, was trained on this advice. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans — and for many other nations — used to recommend 1–2 alcoholic beverages a day, stating that “alcohol may have beneficial effects when consumed in moderation.”

The science has since moved on, as have the nutrition guidelines, but public knowledge has not. The last thing the 2 billion people who enjoy alcohol regularly want to hear is that alcohol’s alleged health benefits stand on shaky legs, and there are too many interested parties that continue to push this belief.

It’s an inconvenient truth, but the time has come to revisit the widely held idea that alcohol promotes health, because better data contradicts it.

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