She Didn’t Know Her Autistic Son Could Be Tasered At School

By Rebecca Klein: For More Info, Go Here…

Rosie Phillips says she found her nonverbal son dazed and with Taser prongs still in his body. A HuffPost investigation shows that kids are getting Tasered at school around the country.

Phillips will never know the full story of what happened at Northwood High School in Caddo Parish that morning. Her son, J.H., has autism and is nonverbal. From what she’s pieced together since watching security footage and talking with a witness, J.H. was stressed, and left the classroom to go to the bathroom. On his way back, he started engaging in stimming behaviors, a repetition of movements that is common in kids with autism. He lingered in the hallway, rubbing against the wall, cupping his ears and closing his eyes.

The school’s cop, identified in a lawsuit filed by Phillips as Deputy Nunnery, arrived on the scene after staff called for backup. By that point, administrators and J.H. were engaged in a struggle ― J.H. had repeatedly tried to reenter his classroom while administrators blocked him. Nunnery already had his Taser out when he arrived, says the suit. But what Phillips’ complaint describes as typical stimming behaviors throughout, the sheriff’s office repeatedly describes as a series of threatening kicks, shoves, pushes and lunges, even throwing one administrator off balance. After five additional minutes, the teen attempted to break free from a semicircle of adults that had formed around him. While running, his leg kicked in the direction of an administrator, and Nunnery struck J.H. with thousands of electric volts, sending him tumbling to the ground.

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