The Thoughtful Vegetable: This Isn’t Fair, so I’ll Even It Up.

By Angela Ronson: For More Info, Go Here…

The people on Twitter got to see only the first part of my Facebook post. Here is the whole thing. I told you that my cognition is up there. You can see.
I know this is public. It’s me thinking an not advice.
It’s possible that I gave myself something like a spinal tap during the bleed. After going everywhere, the blood ran down my neck. Think about it…What bone is in the neck? The spinal column. Spinal stem cells could have been released.
Then there’s the whole business of clearing the cerebellum of an AVM scar tissue. That can be a re-start.
Each treatment had radiation. How much radiation was there collectively among all treatments?
Yes, this Hawking quote made my eyes get really big… and it’s only been 15 yrs. Since there was radiation, we now get into things like half-life, which is long beyond me. Is that why I look young?

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