The Thoughtful Vegetable: Conscious 2.0

By Angela Ronson: For More Info, Go Here…

For the last 10 years my consciousness has been online. This sounds preposterous, so I will explain. You are reading this. You can figure that the person writing is conscious. You are most likely reading this on the internet.

At the time of writing, my body is in a hospital bed. The bed is located in my bedroom in my house. My body is diagnosed vegetative.

I have a laptop computer on an over-bed table. I use one finger to type what I want to say. What I type is on a blog program that is on the internet.

Although I type out thoughts and feelings, I am vegetative. (“Semi” was added but it means nothing.)

I am a real-life Max Headroom.

This was a fictional character from the ’80s
that lived in the TV.

When a person is legally unconscious in a coma (government paperwork is completed and the government provides the care), these persons aren’t legally made conscious again if they wake up. There isn’t a form to submit. The few that regained consciousness passed away soon after waking. (I’m in the US.)
I believe there may be one case where a vegetative person was reclassified, but I don’t know much ( I was not made MCS, Minimally Conscious State. Consciousness can be regained in MCS. I was made Vegetative, and therefore remain in a coma when awake.

This is all done with forms and
there is no form for waking up.
They are also SLOW!

I know how to care for a disabled patient. I’ve done it for years. I’ve just written down verbal instruction. There is nothing magic about the topic. I come from special education, not medicine.

People have told me to get on with my life. Easier said than done. In a way I have. There are well over 400 essays on the internet. I am also published in a magazine. I remain in a coma, though. It’s hard to get on with your
life if you are not a live, conscious person.

I get on with my life and am conscious online.

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