Videos of people with disabilities using tech

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ngd- Lots of diverse videos…

There is no better way to understand the importance of accessibility and inclusive design than learning from actual users with disabilities. Here’s a collection of our favorite Youtube videos where people showcase how they use assistive technologies like screen readers, eye tracking, zoom and switches.

We’ll start off with former BMX star Stephen Murray showing how he controls the computer to run his business just by using his eyes.

Brad from All Access Life also uses an eye tracker. Here he is playing World of Warcraft.

One of the most expensive things you can do in marketing is run a commercial during the Super Bowl. Big thumbs up for Microsoft on their 2019 commercial, showing kids with motor impairments using the adaptive controller for Xbox.

On the topic of the adaptive controller, here’s comedian Zach Anner using it to totally humiliate his buddy while gaming.

And many more…

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