This Is Your Body On The Flu

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Experts break down what’s really happening once the virus gets into your system.

’Tis the season for turkey trots, Black Friday sales and fighting over the last piece of pumpkin pie. Oh, and the flu.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3% to 11% of people in the U.S. have to deal with the flu each year, with an average of 8% getting sick. And while the flu vaccine is a must, it still only reduces your flu risk by 40% to 60%, meaning it’s not a complete safeguard depending on your health, age and the type of flu virus you contract. (If you do contract the flu after you’ve gotten a flu shot, the vaccine will lessen the severity of symptoms and help prevent against flu-related complications like pneumonia. So it’s still important to get it.)

Here, flu experts share what happens once you’re exposed to the flu including why it triggers some of those unpleasant symptoms like fevers, aches and chills. Read on to learn, plus get some guidance on how to stay as protected as possible this flu season.

First, the flu has to find a way to get into your body…


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