What Ableism Cannot Have

By Kathleen Downes: For More Info, Go Here…

“You are your own best thing.”-Toni Morrison, Beloved

I am disabled and I am tired. Tired from the constant emotional, physical, and spiritual drain I have been spending a great deal of time reflecting on the impact of and what a full-time job it is to navigate a world that simply is not designed for disabled people. Tries to convince people that the mere existence of our bodies is The Problem and sometimes it tries to con me believing that myself. But I don’t buy it.

That’s not to say I am delighted 24/7 with all of my symptoms or that I never feel frustrated that my adductor muscle is trying to kill me. I have always subscribed to a nuanced combination of the medical model and social model when it comes to disability, because some realities, like chronic pain, can’t be explained away by the environment. But ultimately, my disability is part of my life and has enriched my experiences beyond measure.

Ableism, on the other hand, is the great talker, and god, it breaks me some days.

Ableism takes away your trust that any given building will be accessible, because it allows for a world where so many aren’t.

Ableism takes away your opportunity to go to the doctor and know that you will be treated with dignity.

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