The Thoughtful Vegetable: We’ll See What Happens

By Angela Ronson: For More Info, Go Here…


That was the word used.

I told you so. “I’ll be ok,”

“My case will have to go to someone else.”I think it is. There is an up-coming appointment. I’ll know more after, but I don’t think they ever had a vegetative client who could talk and apply for their program.
I was supposed to die when I was sent home 13 years ago.

There are 4 main reasons that I am alive. Pay attention to the first. Without it, none of this other stuff could happen. I would have died 15 years ago.

1.  I had surgery at Stanford University and Hospital.

I had surgery done as research to shrink and remove a large blood clot. The process took around a month. I had to go in quite a few times. It wasn’t just one surgery.

2.  I had to be able to breathe on my own. This took at least 4 years. Only medical staff were trained on ventilator use and respiratory care. Family was not trained.
3.  I needed care staff if I wasn’t in a hospital. In previous job experience, I knew of a state program that provided home health aides. These people usually had little training but wanted to learn.
I already knew medications through previous experiences and education.

4.  I had to talk. I was mute when I opened my eyes. Talking went hand and hand with breathing. Words came in the hospital. I guess none of the places I was ever in noted it. The closest is an e-mail a music therapist did that I copied,
I had to talk in order to give a person direction on providing care. I am the brain. The care provider is my hands and feet.

Finally, this isn’t a reason. I’m damn lucky!

I only have a prescreening appointment scheduled. I’m not in any program. This  appointment will just assess my needs. They can see how I am still alive. Maybe I need something. I have to prepare. I have a bunch of questions that may or may not be covered. 

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