Majority Of Voters Have Disability Connections

By ERIC ASCHER: For More Info, Go Here…

RespectAbility shares a new poll about accessibility and the presidential campaign.

A new poll reveals that 85 percent of registered voters say it is very or somewhat important to them that presidential candidates have campaign events and websites that are open and accessible to people with disabilities, just like everyone else. Voters with disabilities themselves are more enthusiastic about participating in the 2020 elections (52 percent), four points higher than the national average. Despite both of these data points, none of the presidential candidates on either side have made their websites and social media fully accessible to voters with disabilities.

This poll occurred at the same time as the Supreme Court denied a petition from Domino’s to hear if the company is required to make its website accessible for people with disabilities. A blind man named Guillermo Robles sued the pizza chain after he was unable to order food on the company’s website and mobile app utilizing screen-reading software. Now, Domino’s will need to maintain accessible sites. Without accessible sites, people with disabilities can be shut out of substantial portions of the economy – or the political process.

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