The Boy In The Psych Ward

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My 9-year-old son was arrested, hospitalized for three months, and misdiagnosed twice.

My son was arrested on a Thursday night when he was nine-years-old.

By arrested, I mean Las Vegas Metro police officers came inside my house, with holstered guns and handcuffs, escorted him into the back of a police car, and took him away.

He was in juvenile detention for a weekend.

He was so small that they didn’t have clothes that would fit him. I was told that he did not sleep or stop screaming for me for seventy-two hours. He was isolated, because he was so young.

But also because he had to be restrained in a chair.

I called a lawyer and spent the weekend doing what I had to do to get my son admitted into a psychiatric hospital. I cried a lot.

Things are kind of blurry in my memory. I remember having a panic attack and being very sure I was dying. And I remember laying awake, staring at the ceiling, imagining my son in a room full of teenagers who had done whatever they’d done to get arrested.

Small and scared and strange, with a strong tendency to rub people the wrong way.

I was honestly afraid he’d be shanked.

And I remember thinking things would have been so much different if my kid wasn’t blonde and blue-eyed and living in a middle-class mostly-white neighborhood.

If he’d been a person of color. If we’d lived in a different neighborhood. If he’d been older or more violent or . . . things could have been so much worse.

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