The Thoughtful Vegetable: Can’t You Tell?

by Angela Ronson: For More Info, Go Here…

“Is your gauze wet?”
“I don’t know.  Let me look.”

This is one of those splinter skills and hard for people to understand. I’ve gotten better and can tell somewhat, but I still need to visually confirm up, down, left or right, etc. I didn’t know where my body was in space. This is proprioception or one of the main senses that isn’t taught.

It was common for me to tell physical therapy that I needed to see my hands. I knew bearing weight on them when they were  in the wrong position could cause damage or pain.

I could feel deep pain. I couldn’t really feel it on my skin. This was great for IVs, blood draws, and shots. I now feel this on my left side as it should be. I’m starting to feel this on my right, but it is very dull. I can be a human pincushion!
I felt cold first and not with my hands. I feel it in my stomach. Whether stored in the refrigerator or fresh from a new box, I can tell that my formula is cold. Refrigerated is closer to having a milkshake.

I can tell a bit if something is soft/hard by seeing squishiness. Again, appearance can give clue as to texture. A few years ago, I became fascinated with roughness of a towel. Only recently have I felt “soft.”

Wet/Dry is just now coming. People are surprised that I can’t always tell if something is wet.

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