Pesticides likely caused ‘Havana syndrome’ that affected Cuba-based diplomats

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ngd- Because insecticide spraying is so common (for mosquitos for example), people stop paying attention to it, even though organophosphate insecticides are all poisons to humans, and the original nerve gas (the one the Nazis used) was created as an insecticide…

Summary: Initially believed to be an acoustic attack, researchers now believe they have pinpointed a possible cause of the bizarre neurological symptoms reported by diplomats in Cuba in 2016. Researchers say a possible source for ‘Havana syndrome’ is exposure to cholinesterase inhibitors via organophosphorus insecticides.

Source: American Associates, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

A new interdisciplinary study on the “Havana Syndrome” led by Dr. Alon Friedman M.D. of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) in Israel and Dalhousie University Brain Repair Center in Nova Scotia, Canada, points to overexposure to pesticides as a likely cause for neurological symptoms among Canadian diplomats residing in Havana, Cuba in 2016. This is the first study of its kind focused on Canadian diplomats.

The “Havana Syndrome” was the name given to the symptoms initially believed to be acoustic attacks on U.S. and Canadian embassy staff, first reported in Cuba. Beginning in August 2017, reports surfaced that American and Canadian diplomatic personnel in Cuba had suffered a variety of health problems including headaches and loss of balance, as well as sleep, concentration, and memory difficulties.

To ensure Dr. Friedman and his team’s findings are properly interpreted and understood, Dr. Friedman elected to discuss his research in advance of peer-reviewed publication with the Canadian Broadcasting Service which obtained a draft report to the Canadian government, leaked by an unknown source.

The research will be presented at Breaking the Barriers of Brain Science Symposium in New York on Sunday, October 27.

The study details the nature of the injury, specifies the brain regions involved, including the blood-brain barrier and suggests a possible cause in the form of “cholinesterase inhibitors,” with “organophosphorus insecticides” being a likely source. Cholinesterase (ChE) is one of the key enzymes required for the proper functioning of the nervous systems of humans, invertebrates and insects.

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