In Ironwood, a tiny hospital merged to save itself. Despite fears, it thrived.

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A little more than a decade ago, a small hospital tucked into the western fringe of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula faced a reckoning.

Christopher Pogliano, the hospital’s current chief medical officer and board member at what was then Grand View Hospital, sat in a clinic conference room as he recalled signs of trouble.

In another few years, in his view, the hospital as he knew it could cease to exist.

“We were at a point where we were unable to safely support ourselves,” he recalled.

“I think the hospital would have deteriorated to an urgent care center attached to a much smaller clinic. As time went on, the financial difficulties got worse.”

By 2010, the decision was made: The hospital merged with Wisconsin-based Aspirus Health Care, one of four rural U.P. hospitals it has brought into its umbrella over the past dozen years.

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