Free online tool identifies dangerous drug/supplement combinations

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A new online tool developed in Seattle quickly identifies dangerous drug and supplement interactions.

It’s estimated more than 80% of Americans use some kind of herbal supplement, but those supplements aren’t regulated in the same way prescriptions and over-the-counter medications are.

Sometimes a supplement can interact with another medication.

Now scientists and engineers at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence have developed an online tool to help consumers determine if a supplement will interact with another drug they are taking.

Lead researcher Lucy Lu Wang said the Institute has made the website free for anyone to use.

The Supp.AI tool has more than 1,900 supplements and 2,700 drugs in the database.

Consumers will see a red/no symbol for potentially dangerous interactions, which means they should consult with a doctor first before taking a supplement.

A green leaf indicates medications and supplements that have no known dangerous interactions.

Click here to search the database.

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