Deadly temperatures at Hollywood nursing home higher than paramedics had ever seen, affidavit shows

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Paramedics who evacuated dying residents from a sweltering nursing home had never seen patients with temperatures so high, according to arrest documents obtained by the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

And the wife of a patient who survived the post-Hurricane Irma ordeal told investigators she can’t shake the vision of an elderly woman naked from the waist up, bobbing up and down in the “stifling hot” nursing home, complaining that she couldn’t breathe and that she was going to die, the documents show.

After three days without air conditioning, vulnerable, elderly patients at the facility began to die, one after another. By the end of Sept. 13, 2017, eight had died. Four more would die in coming days and weeks.

State prosecutors on Monday announced that they had filed manslaughter charges against the chief administrator and three nurses who worked at the nursing home on the night before patients started dying from heat-related causes.

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