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It is natural for children to become anxious when weather forecasters predict severe weather in their neighborhood or when sudden storms arrive and pass through with widespread destruction. When a child is struggling with health issues or needs routine and well thought out accommodations in everyday life, severe weather can cause additional emotional distress as well as life threatening consequences.

Our children live in emotionally charged times, when adults in charge may feel overwhelmed by what we have witnessed at home or through television coverage. Assuring our children that we have done our best to prepare for severe weather events and explaining out emergency and emergency back up plans may only add to their anxiety if we go into details they have not considered.

For some children, it may be better to demonstrate that we are prepared when the storm has arrived, acting as though it’s a matter of course that we have their medications at hand, battery powered lanterns and flashlights in every room, food and water, extra blankets for the cold, and a radio or battery powered television to avoid feelings of being cut off from the world.

Browse your local bookstore, public library or online retailers for weather books for children; flashlights and lanterns; 
or picture books about loss and grieving.

For home caregivers, there’s no waiting out the storm

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