Hyperacusis or Recruitment?

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Allow me to share some of  Dr. Stephen Nagler’s wisdom:

There are many misconceptions about hyperacusis and recruitment.  Hearing professionals often oversimplify the concept of recruitment by stating that when hyperacusis occurs in a person with hearing loss, it is “recruitment.”  Moreover, you and I have both heard folks with severe hyperacusis claim that “my hyperacusis is so bad that I must have recruitment, too.”  In order to answer your question, then, I feel it is very important that these terms are defined properly.  (Or at the very least, that you understand how “I” am defining them.)

1)  Hyperacusis is a decreased threshold to discomfort from sound.

2)  Recruitment is something completely different.  Recruitment is the rapid growth of perceived loudness for those sounds located in the pitch region of a hearing loss.  (This is Jack Vernon’s definition.)  So let me give you an example.  My father had a significant hearing loss for several years before his death at the age of  89.   I could say, “Dad.”  He heard nothing, and he of course did not respond.  So I’d say it a bit louder.  Still nothing.  A bit louder than that.  Still nothing.  And then … just a very tiny bit louder.  The response:  “Stop yelling so loud, Steve, I hear you just fine.  Tone it down a bit, will you!”

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