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By Angela Ronson: For More Info, Go Here…

I looked like someone with Locked-In Syndrome 17 years ago. I’ve had continual progress. I talk and write now. I’m not Locked-In anymore. I probably look like someone who was Locked-In, but now types with one finger and has simple speech.
Progress would be neuroplasticity.
I’ve made slow progress  for the last 17 years. I don’t look the same as the day that I had my stroke. That’s neuroplasticity. I’d say that neurogenesis also had to be in there.

Recovery from the ‘locked-in’ syndrome.


Four patients made substantial recovery following the locked-in syndrome of vascular origin. Clinical and radiologic features supported the presence of ventral pontine infarction secondary to basilar artery occlusion. Quadriplegia and mutism persisted for one to 12 weeks before recovery of motor function began. Improvement continued over several years. All patients regained functional though dysarthric speech. Three of the four patients are ambulatory, one without assistance. As a few patients make a notable recovery from the locked-in syndrome resulting from ventral pontine infarction, aggressive supportive therapy should be considered in the early months of the syndrome.

That’s how I look now. I have made progress much slower, though. Talking took years to come. Some still use the word quadriplegia, but I now use one hand. You can’t say tri-plegia as that doesn’t exist.

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