Contextual Factors Associated With County-Level Suicide Rates in the United States, 1999 to 2016

By Danielle L. Steelesmith; Cynthia A. Fontanella; John V. Campo; et al: For More Info, Go Here…

This cross-sectional study found that suicide rates in the United States increased from 1999 to 2016, with the greatest increase in rural counties. Deprivation had a disproportionately negative association with suicide rates in rural counties, the presence of gun shops and a higher percentage of uninsured individuals were associated with higher suicide rates, and high social capital was associated with lower suicide rates.

Conclusions and Relevance  This study found that suicide rates have increased across the nation and most rapidly in rural counties, which may be more sensitive to the impact of social deprivation than more metropolitan counties. Improving social connectedness, civic opportunities, and health insurance coverage as well as limiting access to lethal means have the potential to reduce suicide rates across the rural-urban continuum.

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