Woman adds spikes to wheelchair to stop strangers pushing her uninvited

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Being touched without permission is a nightmarish scenario for anyone – but it’s one that many disabled people are regularly forced to live through.

But, after being manhandled time and time again, some wheelchair users have decided to take matters into their own hands. They are now attaching spikes to the handles of their wheelchairs to ward off the dozens of able-bodied complete strangers who move them against their will.

Sarah J. Waters, 47, who lives in Birmingham, started putting spikes on her wheelchair in November after one horrifying incident left her with broken knuckles and another saw her fingers dislocated .

The NHS worker, who has hypermobility syndrome which means that her joints dislocate and break easily, told Metro.co.uk: ‘I’ve had an incident where I was holding my wheels and someone pushed me forward and my hand went forward into the mechanism of my brakes and pulled my thumb open.

‘I’ve also had someone try to push me through a doorway and they broke my knuckles. I’ve only been a wheelchair user for four years.’ ‘When my hand got pushed forward into my brakes and my thumb was pouring blood everywhere, the person who did it just yelled abuse at me.



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