Help Stop Guardianship Abuse

By Melissa Edwards: For More Info, Go Here…

There is an epidemic of guardianship abuse plaguing the United States. The population of the elderly are increasing, which means the number of victims and potential victims of guardianship abuse is increasing. The elderly and disabled that are wards of the probate court system have their rights taken away. In fact, Attorney General Dana Nessel stated that they have fewer rights than those charged with criminal conduct. Their civil rights, disability rights, constitutional rights and human rights that are given to us by God are violated daily.

They are isolated from their families as a way to punish their loved ones for advocating for their rights. So if their families try to help them their rights are violated as well. Many have their homes, income and life savings taken away from them, they are unnecessarily placed in nursing homes, group homes and hospices. Many of the group homes are unlicensed, and many people that are placed in hospice are not terminally ill. They are placed on dozens of medications and some die as a result of the abuse by the probate court system and their officers. Much of the guardianship abuse that takes place is perpetrated by Judges, Attorneys, Public Guardians, Public Administrators etc. Dr. Sam Sugar, Guardianship of the Elderly the Perfect Crime (2018).

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