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Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Florida are dealing with another hurricane. People with disabilities and local disability organizations need our immediate and sustained support. Dorian is now a Category 1 hurricane, bringing heavy rain, damaging winds, mudslides and power outages to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and it is now forecasted to strengthen to a Category 3 when it reaches Florida this weekend. Many communities in harm’s way are still recovering from Hurricanes Irma, Maria, and Michael. The infrastructure on the islands is still vulnerable, particularly the power grid and many people with disabilities on the islands and in Florida have not recovered, and will once again be disproportionately impacted.

Portlight Strategies and the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies Disaster Hotline, Disability Assistance Response Team (DART) and our disability and medical equipment and supply resources are immediately available to all disaster impacted people with disabilities and disability organizations reaching out to us for assistance. Our DART is in close communication with local disability organizations to monitor their immediate needs so we can respond with the assistance disaster-impacted people with disabilities need.

Please Support our 24/7 Disaster Hotline, Disability Assistance Disaster Response Team, Urgent and Unmet Disability Supply Distribution, Direct Support to Local Disability Organizations Impacted by Disasters and National Disaster Response and Recovery Coordination

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