Request for Information: Monitoring status changes in cognitive health among homebound older adults

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The Administration for Community Living is seeking input from stakeholders including academic and research universities, area agencies on aging (AAAs), State Units on Aging (SUAs), Aging and Disability Resource Centers, Centers on Independent Living, and non-profit organizations on assessing changes in cognitive health among homebound older adults. Cognitive health – which falls under the broad, umbrella term of brain health – refers to a person’s capacity to “remember, learn, plan, concentrate, and maintain a clear, active mind” [1]. Homebound older adults – when compared to non-homebound older adults – exhibit greater declines and may experience declines in cognitive health that can affect their quality of life and functional independence.

We are seeking input and responses to the following list of questions:

  1. What are the characteristics of older adults for whom you conduct cognitive screening tests?
  2. What screening test and/or (psychometric) instruments (e.g. tests of recall, attention, processing speed, etc.) does your organization use to measure cognitive health?
  3. What is the length and format (e.g. in-person, paper-and-pencil, telephone, web-based, tablet, smartphone, etc.) used to administer these screening tests and/or instruments to the population of older adults you test?;
  4. What is the frequency with which your organization administers these tests and/or instruments and the duration over which cognitive health is monitored?;
  5. What is your estimate of the general cost per person for administering the test or instrument?
  6. What happens when changes are detected in a person’s cognitive health and how is this information used?; and
  7. What are the intended health outcomes (e.g., screening for a research study, early identification and detection, improvement through exposure to new interventions, reductions in re-hospitalization, etc.) sought from monitoring cognitive health over a period of time?

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