More on Lakeshore & the State Mental Health System

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The situation with Lakeshore Regional Entity (LRE) – see last issue – is in some flux as LRE has asked for a state administrative appeal hearing and filed a lawsuit, only to withdraw the suit for now. Meanwhile, a number of leading advocacy groups have developed a paper on the Lakeshore situation and the state as a whole.

The report has been divided into two parts. The first, primarily on immediate next steps for the Lakeshore region (if and when it’s terminated), was released Aug. 5th and is reprinted here. Part 2, on the state as a whole, will be released shortly and appear in our next issue. The seven authoring groups are The Arc – Michigan; Association for Children’s Mental Health; Mental Health Association in Michigan; Michigan Developmental Disability Council; Michigan Disability Rights Coalition; Michigan Protection & Advocacy; and NAMI – Michigan.

Here is Part 1 of the report:


Michigan’s publicly funded mental health system is in crisis. Among the reasons are the system’s poor structure and organization, an overly complicated bureaucracy, and lack of funding. The recent announcement from MDHHS that it intends to terminate the PIHP contract for Lakeshore Regional Entity (LRE) has sparked a new controversy in the mental health arena. This comes on top of the very controversial decision by a majority in the Legislature that Michigan should test certain new models of integrating behavioral and other health care appropriations (“Section 298”).

The mental health advocacy community believes it is time for meaningful solutions to some critical problems. In this, the first of two installments to be issued in August, we focus on immediate next steps to deal with the situation in the Lakeshore region. The second installment of our report will deal with changes that are needed statewide to advance mental health services and supports in Michigan. Our overarching objective is to improve service availability, accessibility, and involvement for consumers in need, irrespective of turf battles, profit margins, and protecting anyone’s place within the bureaucracy.

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