The Thoughtful Vegetable: Late Night Comment

By Angela Ronson: For More Info, Go Here…

It’s a new day. I slept and my batteries recharged. I can write again.
I had commented on a post. Someone had replied, but I didn’t get it. It was late and I couldn’t type anymore. I remembered the comment line allowed a picture “or a video.” I’d just record what I wanted to say.
The comment line uploaded but wouldn’t post. I finally gave up and posted “?”.
My original comment was,
I have a report that says I’m brain dead.

Lights are off and I use a table lamp.
I have a report that says I am “decerebrate.”
This report can be interpreted two ways; just my motor skills are like that, or all of me is. I go with the former.
Take the word “decerebrate” and break it down “De” means without. “Cerebrate” or cerebral means brain.

My posturing looked like I had no brain. Some will take this farther and say that my brain was dead. (I’m writing this later. I couldn’t have been brain dead.)

Why couldn’t I write? I’ll illustrate:
A child learns to jump. The child is happy and does it again and again. When dinner comes, the child is falling asleep in the food. There is no more jumping. A parent puts the child to bed.
The child wakes the next day and can jump a little higher and further. Jumping was learned and now there is growth.
Writing is the same with me.

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