Stop Blaming Gun Violence on Mental Illness

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We grieve with all those harmed by recent mass shootings in Dayton, El Paso, and Gilroy.

DREDF unequivocally rejects attempts to scapegoat mental illness in all areas – including gun violence – and stands in solidarity with our friends, colleagues, and allies who seek real, effective policy solutions to racism, xenophobia, mental health stigma, and mass murder.

The honest, difficult, and inconvenient truth for those who would prefer to blame mental illness rather than enact genuine solutions to rampant gun violence, is that in the United States bigoted beliefs and easy access to deadly weapons and ammunition has led to increased incidents of domestic terrorism.

Elected officials in the nation’s capital and across the United States have let us down over and over again by failing to enact common sense gun control measures that could curtail mass shootings and other incidences of gun violence. Instead of getting rid of weapons that have devastated the lives of thousands, far too many political leaders continue to attempt the old magician’s trick of misdirection to falsely lay the blame on mental illness.

We are not fooled. We are also angry. Angry about chronic inaction by our government and angry about the excuses people like the President keep making.

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