“Be Water!”: seven tactics that are winning Hong Kong’s democracy revolution

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The strategies of Hong Kong protesters, honed through weekly clashes with police, offer a masterclass to activists worldwide.

or almost two months, a wave of anti-government protests have rocked Hong Kong. Initially sparked by a government proposal to introduce a law that would allow the extradition of criminal suspects to stand trial in mainland Chinese courts, the protests have morphed into a broader pro-democracy movement, demanding greater government accountability and universal suffrage. Protests have largely been driven by young activists, who have developed and adapted their strategies during weekly protests and clashes with police, offering a masterclass in protest for activists worldwide. Here are some of their key tactics.

No more occupying – “Be Water!”

Open-source protest


Supply lines and sign language(!) 

Neutralizing tear gas

Avoiding a stampede

The Revolution will be crowdfunded

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