Life-changing’ Surrey brain treatment helps woman heal years after hit-and-run

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Canada the first country to offer new ‘PoNS’ treatment, which targets brain through tongue stimulation.

Her difficulties were significant: from lack of balance, to slurred speech to near-constant dizziness and nausea. Webb could no longer take a bus or a taxi safely, let alone drive a vehicle. She was dizzy and nauseous constantly. She regularly fell, banging and bruising herself.

“My cognition was too slow to stop myself,” Webb told the Now-Leader. “I fell like a sack of potatoes.”

She’d hit her head on ceiling fans, and get her hands stuck in the washing machine. She couldn’t look upward because she’d immediately become nauseous.

Her memory suffered, as did general cognition. She was often disoriented, forgetful and got lost in areas she knew. Her speech was dramatically impacted and at times, her speech would slow down to a stutter.

“My brain just wouldn’t offer my mouth the word,” said Webb, who now lives on Quadra Island.

That is, Webb said, until she found the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic and was accepted into a five-week trial it was running using a “PoNS” device, intended to help the brain rewire itself by sending electricity through the tongue.

Webb said she previously underwent extensive neuro-physiotherapy. While gains were made, there was nothing near as significant as the progress she made almost instantly with the PoNS treatment – which she found thanks to her brother who learned of it in a documentary.

The treatment features a technology that combines stimulation of the tongue with physiotherapy to achieve functional improvements.

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