How States Are Changing the Face of Emergency Management

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How is your state changing emergency management? By pulling together these responses, our hope is to show the progress we are making and the change in focus across the nation on emergency preparedness. Not only looking at what went right in an emergency, but what we are doing before the next one to prepare our communities. Whether it’s unique websites, school curriculum programs, or a focus on exercises and training (to name a few), every day new things are being done to help prepare for tomorrow’s emergency. One disaster can affect a community forever, and our job has never been more important, but we continue to make strides in how well we can respond. Our communities, families, and nation depend on it.

Capt. Emmitt McGowan
Deputy State Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, and Commander of the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division

“The Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (MSP/EMHSD) is continually looking for opportunities to engage with our residents and encourage emergency preparedness.

One of the most successful campaigns is our implementation of the Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP) program. Created by FEMA, the program teaches fifth-grade students strategies to employ at home to prepare for emergencies. Each year, 10,000 Michigan fifth-grade students participate in the program and, in an effort to offer the program to more students, the MSP/EMHSD has created a STEP sponsorship packet to provide information to potential sponsors.

MSP/EMHSD also recognizes the need for preparedness of first responders and their families. During Hurricane Katrina, it was learned that some responders were reluctant to leave their families during the response. To address this concern, we created the Ready Responder program to educate personnel of any response agency of the importance of personal preparedness at home. The Ready Responder kit, which includes educational videos, emergency plan templates and other materials, encourages responders to work with their families to create a family preparedness plan. Ready Responder kits have been sent to every fire, police, and EMS agency in the state of Michigan.”

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