We Can’t Keep Overlooking Borderline Personality Disorder: The Mental Illness With the Highest Suicide Rate

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When Dee Chan feels suicidal, it completely overtakes her.

She says it’s like standing on a beach, watching a tsunami wave coming straight for her. She can’t outrun it. She can’t swim through it. She can’t get away from it. So she just stands there, helpless, waiting for it to knock her down and drag her out to sea.

But tsunamis aren’t just one wave. The tsunami earned the nickname “wave train”because once it starts, the destructive waves keep coming and coming. This has certainly been the case in Chan’s life — once the tsunami of suicidal feelings starts, it’s hard for her to believe the waves will ever cease.

The first wave hit when Chan was 16 years old. Without warning, classmates she had been friends with since grade school abruptly cut her out of their lives. When she tearfully asked why, they told her they just didn’t like her anymore.

“I just basically ceased to exist in their universe,” Chan told The Mighty.

Then she discovered she was pregnant.

At age 16, she and her then-boyfriend went to get an abortion. He broke up with her right after the procedure.

“Those two things were really what pushed me over the edge,” Chan said. “I made my first suicide attempt after he dumped me.”

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