Dementia care services are breaking. It’s time to bring connected digital tools to the point of care.

By Mandy Salomon, Ph.D.: For More Info, Go Here…

(This is an extract from Mentia’s white paper ‘Tao of Dementia Care’: Dementia Care in a Connected World’, available on the Mentia website)

There’s a supply/demand crisis in dementia care. There are more people with dementia, fewer people to care for them, and the costs of services are spiraling. To manage the increasing prevalence of dementia we need new ways to resource and scale high-quality care. How will we do this? By transforming offline services into online ones. Stay with us for a few minutes while we scope the new category of services we call Connected Dementia Care (CDC) for better, more enjoyable, and more efficient care.

Heads up: The authors have skin in the game. We produce one of a new breed of digital tools that are transforming dementia care. Our system, Deva World™, augments communication between people living with dementia and those who support them. We’ll refer to it by way of an example as we take you through the CDC blueprint.

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