Pain and dementia

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Pain can often be missed or not recognised in people with dementia. They may have communication difficulties which makes them less able to tell you about their pain, or have difficulty interpreting or understanding the pain they feel.

Some people mistakenly believe that people with dementia don’t feel pain or that they experience pain less. This is not true. People with dementia experience pain but they may not be able to recognise or manage it the same way as someone who does not have dementia.

This can mean that their pain is not treated properly, which can increase their discomfort and distress, and reduce their quality of life. If people are feeling vulnerable or afraid, then they are more likely to experience a more significant reaction to pain. Dementia can cause people to feel confused and frightened, which can mean that they experience pain in a heightened way.

There are things that you can look out for that can help you identify pain in a person with dementia. Once pain is identified, you can help the person seek appropriate treatment, so they feel more comfortable and content.

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